Python hides ready to strike among tree branches – but can YOU spot it?

A SNEAKY python has found a perfect hiding spot in these tree branches – but can you spot it?

The image of the camouflaged reptile has left Facebook users baffled.

The snap shows an innocent-looking tree in a patch of greenery – but there's a serpent creeping inside ready to strike.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, in Queensland, Australia, posted a pic of the disguised creature on their Facebook page, challenging their followers to a weekly game of "Spot the Snake Sunday".

A team member said: “Happy Sunday Snake Spotters!!! Aussie Snake Wranglers Fan Favourite, Mullet Mick is hosting todays Spot the Snake, taken while he was looking for a koala and saw this guy up there instead.

“Let Mick know where you think it is and what the species is!!!"

Dozens of users took shared their guesses, with the majority unable to locate the critter.

One said: “Hmmm I’m either hungover or just blind."

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Another wrote: "Stu, I swear you put these up to torture people on a Sunday morning?!"

A third said: "Stink a wink I still can’t see it! Well hidden!"

A fourth quipped: "Do you only put these up when you lose a snake and need help finding it again?"

Another snake spotter said “none of us can ever seem to find them” – while one user guessed there were multiple snakes in the image.

A team member later confirmed the snake was a coastal carpet python – commonly found in the area – located wriggling up a branch in the centre of the image.

Carpet pythons are common on the Sunshine Coast, and while most are around two metres in size, some can reach up to four metres.

It's a species that doesn’t have venom but may cause a nasty injury with its mouthful of sharp teeth.

In August, the snake catchers shared another image on their Facebook page after they were called out to capture a creature found in a garden.

They posted the snap as part of their regular game and described it as a "fairly easy one" – but many still found it impossible to name the location and species of the snake.

Some were sure they’d spotted it at the bottom – but were disappointed to be told that they’d actually circled a garden hose.

Others did manage to see past the reptile’s attempts at disguise and found him lurking on the right-hand side of the picture.

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