Queensland LNP slammed for film of Labor's Steven Miles 'eating a fly'

Video showing deputy premier ‘eating a FLY’ is released by his political rivals – but the ‘juvenile’ online attack doesn’t sit well with voters

  • LNP video of Labor’s Steven Miles ‘eating a fly’ uploaded to Facebook
  • Deputy Premier appears to lick his lips and swallow the insect
  • Harsh criticism of ‘juvenile’ video as Queenslanders go to the polls next Saturday
  • Miles accuses LNP of being on the ‘same team’ as Clive Palmer, Pauline Hanson 

Queensland’s Liberal National Party has been slammed for mocking a rival politician for supposedly eating a fly.

A video the opposition party released online shows Deputy Premier Steven Miles speaking at a press conference with a fly landing on his upper lip.

The fly then disappears over the edge of his lip as he looks down and licks, appearing to eat the fly.

Queensland Deputy Premier with what appears to be a fly on his face in the video

A sound effect of a frog gulping is heard as the video cuts to the next scene. The fly is highlighted by a huge red arrow so nobody misses it.

The video, posted to the Queensland LNP Facebook page on Saturday, attracted scores of comments, many of them annoyed about the ‘juvenile’ content.


Do you think the fly-eating video looks 100 per cent real?

Do you think the fly-eating video looks 100 per cent real?

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Commenters were still posting angry comments on Sunday evening.

‘You are kidding? If this is the best the LNP can do, god help us if they get elected. What a juvenile, embarrassing un-funny advertisement,’ wrote one.

‘I don’t like him but if you have to stoop this low & start bullying someone to win a seat your not worth voting for,’ wrote another.   

Daily Mail Australia was unable to independently verify on Sunday evening whether the fly is real or is a video effect.

Deputy Premier Miles’ office was contacted for a right of reply. 

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington defended the LNP’s campaign as ‘positive’ on Sunday, saying she had not seen the video.

‘It was (the) Premier who set up this campaign as a nasty campaign,’ she said.

‘I have run a positive campaign and run a positive plan to get Queenslanders back to work.’

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington defended the LNP’s election campaign as ‘positive’  

On Saturday, Steven Miles threw his own grenade at Ms Frecklington, accusing her of being on the ‘same team’ as Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer.

In a Tweeted picture, he claimed to show One Nation volunteers setting up LNP signs in North Lakes.

Queensland voters go to the polls next Saturday, October 31, to decide an election that Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned on the opening day would ‘get nasty’.

Flies have made a regular appearance in U.S. politics during recent years.

Two weeks ago during the U.S. Vice Presidential debate, a large black fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence and inspected his snow-white hair for an excruciating two minutes – to the delight of viewers.

US Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris went head-to-head during a debate two weeks ago, but a fly stole the show

It sparked headlines from the New York Times to ABC and the Guardian as well as its own fan Twitter account @MikePenceFly__ which now has more than 122,000 followers. 

The fly got more mentions on Twitter than any of the 2020 candidates including President Donald Trump. 

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also had her own fly experience in 2016 during the second presidential debate with Donald Trump.

The winged insect landed on her forehead, right between her eyes, where it crawled around a bit onto her left eyebrow as she did her best to ignore it. 

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