Real estate agent who 'called woman “stupid blue hair Asian girl” and “dumb b***h"' as he filmed her is fired

A REAL estate agent who was recorded calling a woman a “stupid blue hair Asian girl” has been fired from his company. 

The real estate agent, Mike Dalcin of California, was identified by Twitter users who saw the clip posted by the victim "Em" on the social media platform.

Em tweeted on Thursday that she was walking in Brentwood at 5pm when she stopped to look at her phone and a man “came out of his home & verbally assaulted me,” according to the New York Post.

“He approached me, maskless. I asked him to step away,” Em wrote in since-deleted tweets.

“He called me ‘stupid blue hair asian girl' & ‘dumb b****.’”

Em’s clip showed the man walking two dogs. 

“Are you up against the car?” the man says.

“No one is going to pay attention to you because you’re dumb and you’re a stupid blue Asian haired girl.”

The man also says “f*** you” four times and then walks toward Em saying, “I can record you, you dumb b****.”

At the end of the 70-second clip, the man says, “Get the f*** out of here you dumb b****.”

What occurred prior to the video is not clear. 

Dalcin’s company, Beach City Brokers, in a Facebook post on Friday announced it had severed ties with him.

“We have become aware of a video circulating on social media that involves a new agent we recently hired….” the post states.

"Effective immediately, Mike Dalcin has been removed as an agent from our office and is no longer an agent at our Company.”

Beach City Brokers added that it “will always maintain a high standard of integrity and ethics and will not tolerate racism or any other unprofessional behavior.”

Em said she reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department, which did not launch an investigation. 

The encounter occurred less than two blocks away from 875 South Bundy Drive, the home where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered in 1994. 

OJ Simpson was acquitted of the double murder.

Dalcin’s real estate license showed no disciplinary action, according to Heavy.

However, he has been charged with crimes that were later dismissed. 

Dalcin’s charges included grand theft and receiving stolen property in 2002.

Charges against him in 2007 included assault with a semi-automatic firearm, drawing or exhibiting firearms, possession of a firearm by a felon, false imprisonment by violence and menace. 

The following year, he was charged with public intoxication and disturbing peace. 

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