Real-life Fagin hunted by cops after being caught ‘encouraging boy to shoplift’

A real life Fagin is being hunted by police for encouraging a young child to help him shoplift.

The shocking incident, captured on CCTV, saw a man encourage a shirtless child to put items in his bag in a supermarket.

Met Police detectives are now appealing for witnesses or anyone that recognises the man to come forward, after the theft on Saturday, October 20.

A man, wearing a beige t-shirt and carrying a black satchel, was caught on Co-Op cameras taking items from his basket and putting them in his bag.

He then beckoned the young child, who appears to be around eight years old, to put the sweets and other items he was holding in the bag, just like Oliver Twist villain Fagin.

The incident happened at Co-Op Supermarket in Sidcup, south east London.

Even hardened Met Police officers were stunned by the shocking theft.

A Bexley Police spokesperson said: "Although the value of goods involved was low, it’s shocking that the adult male appears to be encouraging the child with him to steal.”

The adult suspect is a white man, with brown hair and a "chinstrap" beard, and what appears to be a large, hooked nose.

Police posted the footage on their Facebook page, where it shocked hundreds of viewers.

Linda Sharp commented: "What hope has that child got, with a role model like that?"

Upendra Bhanderi added: "Why is there a child without a t-shirt roaming around the shop?

"I know we had good weather in October but that’s still odd."

While it is not clear the relationship between the adult and child, many speculated they were father and son.

Luke Taylor said: "Disturbing how natural it was for the kid.

"And fully understanding his dad is a thief."

Phil Sloman added: "What a shining example to us all.

"Involving his child in the family business – touching."

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