Rescue cat owners create a fake lap to help calm pet while they’re busy working – The Sun

A RESCUE cat sits on a fake lap after its owners came up with a genius plan to help her settle.

Shy Ziggy, 10, was taken home from a London shelter by Rebecca May, 29, and her husband Alex.

But after finding that she was lap cat, Alex, 32, came up with a plan.

He stuffed a pair of trousers to create legs and hid a heating pad in the lap to recreate the feel of warmth, adding a pair of trainers for feet and a pillow for the stomach.

And it did the trick.

She has finally stopped sitting on her owners.

Ziggy now snuggles into her fake lap, where she remains while the humans are busy.

Rebecca said: “Even if you’re not sitting, she’ll find some way to be on you, whether it’s your back or your shoulder."

“When we’re both sat at our desks, she will sit behind you and yell until she has your attention.”

“Alex thought a decoy would be funny."

"I don’t think he expected it to work!”

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