Ring doorbell camera films California woman being robbed at gunpoint

Terrifying moment young woman is robbed at gunpoint and thrown to the ground in violent robbery at her front door is caught on Ring doorbell camera

  • Ring doorbell shows woman being mugged at gunpoint on Tuesday at 12.30am
  • The unidentified woman is heard screaming as she a man rushes up behind her as she approaches her apartment door
  • She is then thrown to the ground on her doorstep and starts to scream when she realizes he has a weapon 
  • The gunman appears to run off when someone walks by

This is the terrifying moment a woman is mugged at gunpoint and violently thrown to the ground as she approaches the front door of her apartment.  

The incident was captured on a Ring doorbell camera on Tuesday morning around 12.30am and shows the woman being thrown to the ground screaming.

Footage of the violent attack reveals how the assailant jumped on the Oakland, California resident from behind as she ran home in the darkness with her handbag swinging.

A Ring doorbell camera shows a woman being mugged at gunpoint on Tuesday 12.30am

But the lit-up entrance of her home and the movement-activated device from Amazon helps capture the image of the mugger and exactly what happened. 

The woman’s fear is evident in the distressing video which records her screams as she collapses on the ground.

She then appears to notice the attacker has a gun and her screams get even louder.

The victim is heard screaming as she is thrown to the ground on her doorstep in Oakland, California

The gunman is seen pacing back and forth in the video (left) and the victim is clearly distressed as she remains on the ground after he leaves

But the assailant dashes off as a figure appears in the background of the scene on Canyon Oak Drive near Keller Avenue.

The victim is seen crying in the corner of the camera frame after the mugging. 

The video was first shared on the Next Door app. 

A woman who has lived in the area her entire life described the victim’s screams as a ‘nightmare’.

‘It’s terrifying,’ Rebecca Brogan told Fox News. ‘I mean the girl’s screams were just a nightmare come true. I don’t know how she’s going to recover from it.’ 

Brogan said criminal activity isn’t uncommon in the area. However neighbors were especially alarmed that the mugger had a firearm.

The local East Oakland community held a neighborhood watch meeting following the incident where many attendees complained police were not doing enough to keep their neighborhood safe.

‘We get the neighborhood alerts with Ring and unfortunately I was afraid to show it to my wife and now she’s terrified,’ Derek Krause told Kron 4. ‘She felt so bad for the woman who was assaulted and robbed you know terrifying I’m sure it’s a life altering experience for her.’ 


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