Rioter who lounged at Pelosi’s desk, GOP lawmaker charged over Capitol siege

A West Virginia lawmaker who filmed himself storming the US Capitol  — and the rioter who gloated as he sat at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk — were among those charged Friday over the chaos, authorities said.

Mountain State delegate Derrick Evans — who balked at calls for him to resign after recording himself inside the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday shouting, “We’re in, baby!’’ — was federally charged with entering a restricted area, according to local CBS-TV affiliate WDTV in West Virginia.

Evans was expected to be released from federal custody Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Richard Barnett — who was caught in a now-infamous viral photo lounging back in Pelosi’s chair in her private congressional office with his feet up on her desk after he and the pro-Trump mob infiltrated the building — was nabbed in Little Rock, Ark., CNN reported.

Barnett, 60, was charged with federal counts including violent entry, theft of public property, disorderly conduct and entering and remaining on restricted grounds.

He allegedly stole a letter from Pelosi’s office meant for US Rep. Bill Long (R-Mo.).

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