Rod Stewart, 75, filmed 'performing Hitler salute before punching security guard' during New Year's Eve brawl

SIR Rod Stewart was filmed appearing to perform a Nazi salute before allegedly punching a security guard during a New Year’s Eve brawl.

The rocker, 75, wearing a gold dinner jacket, was caught on CCTV delivering a right hook to a security guard Jessie Dixon at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Moments earlier, Sir Rod appears to perform an ironic Nazi salute with his right arm extended high above his head while he formed a moustache with his left pointer finger.

He then swings at Dixon, who claims he was attacked by Rod and his son Sean, 39.

The night ended with the father-and-son arrested and charged with simple battery – a misdemeanour that could land them up to a year in jail.

They pleaded not guilty in January and their case is due in court in West Palm Beach, on Tuesday. Neither is expected to appear before the judge.

Dixon has yet to file an official civil complaint against the two.


According to the surveillance video, the tussle lasted about four seconds shortly after 10.08pm on New Year’s Eve.

The footage shows the singer arriving with a large group about 10.03pm near the Breakers children’s playground.

A check-in table was set up for a private party scheduled to start later that night.

The video shows Stewart's group, which included his wife Penny Lancaster along with their two boys, 14-year-old Alastair and Aiden, eight.

Sean can be seen in the background at first in a silver jacket.

The group is stopped at the table by an attendant, the footage shows but Stewart ignores the worker and starts strutting around as if he were one stage.

He then slips behind the attendant and acts like he is about to grab her.

Once she turns around, he stands with hands in his pockets.


According to a report filed with the court by Palm Beach Police, the singer and his family were loud and argumentative when the attendant told them they couldn't access the playground.

Dixon, in his black suit, arrives in view of the camera about 10.06pm and both Stewart and Sean, as well as an unidentified male approach him.

About one minute later, Stewart becomes more animated as Dixon stands fast on his decision not to let them in.

Dixon is seen pointing at the children on the playground as if to say they need to get out.

At 10.07pm, Stewart is seen on security footage briefly walking a few steps away before returning to Dixon and mimes what appears to be an ironic Hitler salute and a finger-mustache.

Ten seconds later, Sean slides closer to Dixon, who then places the back of his right hand on Sean’s chest.

Sean then appears to push Dixon backwards with both hands.

Rod then gets involved and seemingly throws a right hook as Dixon steadies himself and walks towards Sean.

The police report noted that Stewart apologised before he left the area.

A source said last night: “Rod was just trying to defend his boy. No jury in Florida is going to convict him for that.”

Dixon's lawyer Gawayne Kelly was not available for comment last night.

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