Royal Navy tracks Russian fleet off the Scottish coast

Royal Navy tracks Russian spy vessel and warships as they near UK waters off east coast of Scotland on secretive mission

  • HMS Tyne has been tracking one of Russia’s newest ships off the Scottish coast
  • Frigate Steregushchy was part of a fleet with destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov
  • Russian vessels have increased the number of patrols through the North Sea
  • The Royal Navy and NATO allies regularly track Russian vessels in the area 

The Royal Navy has been monitoring a Russian surface fleet sailing up the North Sea – including a number of vessels which sought shelter off the Scottish east coast during a storm. 

HMS Tyne followed two warships and an intelligence gathering vessel as they refuelled in the Moray Firth while sheltering from Storm Aiden. 

 Russian vessels have increased the frequency of missions through the North Sea and English Channel as they head out to patrol in the Mediterranean. 

HMS Tyne has been shadowing the Udaloy-class destroyer Vice-Admiral Kilakov off the Moray Firth as the Russian vessel returned from a patrol in the Mediterranean 

HMS Tyne also tracked the Russian frigate Stereguschy and its tanker Akedemic Pashin 

Kulakov, Steregushy and Akedemic Pashin, pictured, were joined by the intelligence gathering ship Viktor Leonov

The Russian fleet including the Udaloy-class destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov, the Vishnya-class intelligence gathering ship, Viktor Leonov and Steregushchy-class frigate Steregushchy. 

They were supported by the tanker Akedemic Pashin. 

HMS Tyne has been regularly tasked to monitor Russian vessels approaching UK territorial waters. 

Lieutenant Nick Ward, HMS Tyne’s Executive Officer said: ‘HMS Tyne routinely shadows Russian warships transiting in and around the UK’s waters.

‘This operation, like many others, again demonstrates that the Royal Navy stands ready to protect the UK’s sovereignty every day of the year, in any weather.’ 

 HMS Tyne also shadowed Viktor Leonov adn tanker Sergey Osipov as they hseltered from Storm Aiden and ‘carried out replenishment operations’ in the Moray Firth. 

HMS Tyne has regularly shadowed Russian vessels sailing close to UK territorial waters 

HMS Tyne, pictured in the background, was following the far larger Vice Admiral Kulakov

The Russian fleet had been sheltering in the Moray Firth due to  inclement weather

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