Senior Republican rips into ‘dishonest’ Democrats’ ‘total socialist plan’ in debate

Ronna McDaniel, the niece of the GOP’s 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was speaking to Fox News following a Democratic debate in Detroit. Mrs McDaniel had previously spent two years as chair of the Michigan Republican Party. She said: “What you did see from the Democrats tonight was a total socialist plan – a takeover of all of our health care with this proposal for Medicare-for-All.”

The RNC is tasks with providing national leadership for the party and organisms the National Convention which decides the party’s Presidential candidate and Mrs McDaniel did not appear to think too highly of her potential opponents, claiming: “They didn’t know how to pay for it. They were dishonest about the fact it would raise taxes on every single American.”

She accused Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren of promising to end private insurance, adding: “I don’t think that’s something that people in Michigan would like.

“I think a lot of union workers would say, ‘Hey, you’re going to take away my plan that I negotiated? You’re going to take me off my plan where I can choose my doctor and what’s best for me and my family?’ I don’t think that’s going to fly.”

According to Oddschecker, Kamala Harris, Californian senator is currently favourite to secure the nomination.

Ms Warren is second favourite, while former Vice-President Joe Biden is third with Mr Sanders in fourth.

Mr Sanders, widely considered to be hard-left, had pushed through a bill to provide Medicare for all.

Ironically, Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan accused of him not knowing the potential benefits of the “Medicare-for-all” bill.

Mr Sanders told Mr Ryan: “I wrote the damn bill!”

Ms Warren who was a Republican before 1996 is considered to one of the most vocal supporters of the bill.

President Donald Trump is seeking the Republican nomination to stand for re-election, but has been challenged by former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.

Libertarian Party candidates for nomination are New Hampshire state representative Max Abramson, author Adam Kokesh, businessman John McAfee, artist Vermin Supreme and educator Arvin Vohra.

The Green Party’s list of candidates includes activist Howie Hawkins and former lawyer Dario Hunter, but actor Jesse Ventura has also expressed an interest in running.

Independent candidates include journalists Mark Charles and Dan Rattier and actor Ronnie Kroell.

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