Shock moment Antifa barricades Seattle police precinct with SNOW to stop cops responding to storm emergencies

THIS is the shocking moment "Antifa" activists barricade Seattle police precinct with snow to stop cops responding to dangerous storm emergencies.

One clip showed protesters using snow to block the exit and entrance of the police station while Storm Uri pelted Oregon and Washington with snow and ice, triggering power outages and accidents.

As the wild weather intensified, multiple clips emerged showing these individuals stopping law enforcement in Seattle from doing their jobs during the dangerous snowstom.

The East Precinct was the epicenter of anti-racism protests last summer following George Floyd's police custody death.

Over Valentine's weekend, conservative pundit Andy Ngô tweeted footage from the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building showing protesters hurling snow and ice at the precinct.

The precinct was abandoned from from June 8 until July 1 as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) was established before occupiers were ousted on July 1 – but a month later an Alaska man tried to set it ablaze.

"Overnight, #antifa in Seattle gathered to pile snow on one of the driveways of the Seattle Police east precinct (where CHAZ used to be)," Ngô wrote in another tweet on Sunday.

"They stopped police from being able to drive out to respond to calls during the snow storm."

Likewise, an Instagram video by user "standwithseattlepd" recorded the snow barrier built by protesters outside of the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct on Saturday evening.

The police vehicle can be seen rolling backwards as it tries to drive over the barricade of snow while demonstrators shriek and cheer as it struggles.

Another user called "seattleblmfairy" shared a 15-minute clip of roughly a dozen protesters speaking to the cops.

One said: "[We're] just having a friendly snowball fight here at the EastPrecinct."

"Cops are being aggressive and violating people's rights," remarks another demonstrator as cops begin to move them on and start shovelling the snow-barricade.

"[You] cannot block police from exiting a police vehicle precinct," one officer says while another cop tries to push a protester back to move on the crowd.

At this point in the video, other members of the throng say "stop touching her" and "we're literally not blocking your building."

Later, the crowd begin to chant "peaceful protest" as cops push back a person on crutches – who minutes before had crumpled snow at an officer's bodycam – prompting a scuffle.

"You seem a little angry and sad, usually stickers make people feel better," one cop asks a protester, who responds: "I'm not sad; am I angry? Yes."

As the snow is cleared, protesters hurl snowballs at cops.

Tensions increased in the Washington state city as Storm Uri cut off power for 2 million people in Texas and has sparked a pile-up in Oklahoma as snow is dumped across the South and Midwest.

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