Shocking moment gamer meeting up to sell his PS5 in parking lot is attacked with BEAR SPRAY by would-be robbers

THIS is the shocking moment a gamer is attacked with bear spray after meeting up with a potential buyer for his PS5.

A dashcam from a car parked at the shopping centre in British Columbia, Canada, caught the attempted robbery on camera.

The video, which was posted to Reddit by the car-owner, starts off with one masked man using bear spray on the owner in an attempt to rob the console.

All three men begin to make a run for it however the gamer, seen wearing a black baseball cap and an Adidas jumper, pulls one of the thieves back and begins hitting him.

The two continue the bust-up until his friends return to shower the owner in more bear spray.

But the gamer refused to let go of his precious console and managed to leave the terrifying ordeal with his PS5 in tow.

Local police issued a warning last week after three people were robbed in a 24-hour period while trying to sell a PS5 through buy-and-sell websites, reported Global News.

Gamers across the world had their hopes dashed on Monday after the CEO of Play Station announced that the console was sold out "absolutely".

Jim Ryan, CEO of the Japanese tech titan, has admitted in an interview that "absolutely everything" PS5-related is sold out across the globe.

The PS5 went on sale in the US and UK earlier this month, and despite its £450 price tag stocks ran dry at most major retailers within minutes.

Speaking to Russian news outlet TASS last week, Ryan said the focus now for Sony was to ramp up production of the coveted console.

"Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold,” Ryan said.

"I've spent much of the last year trying to be sure that we can generate enough demand for the product."

He added: "Now in terms of my executive bandwidth I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand.”

The PS5 is Sony's latest gaming console.

It's the successor to the PS4 and PS4 Pro, and is available in two distinct versions.

Both consoles came out in November 2020 with an impressive roster of launch games.

They're going head-to-head with Microsoft's next-gen consoles, the  Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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