Shocking moment suspected car thief is punched and breaks brick wall

Shocking moment suspected car thief is punched so hard that he breaks a brick wall as he runs from scene of crash

  •  Part of the brick pillar of the garden wall breaks in two because of the force
  •  The passerby stops the hoodie wearing man in his tracks as he runs from scene
  •  More than a million viewers have watched the footage dubbed as ‘British justice’

A suspected car thief was punched so hard by a passerby that he broke a brick wall as he tried to run away from the crash scene.

Shocking footage of the moment in Cypress Road in Droylsden, Greater Manchester, has gone viral on social media with more than a million people watching the clip.

Two men in black hooded coats can be seen fleeing from the crashed car but one turns around and runs back to get something that he left behind.

But as he roots through the abandoned car for what he wanted, the driver of a flatbed truck slows as he tries to manoeuvre by the vehicle.

The man hot foots it down the road and a man suddenly leaps out from behind a white car.

He stops the alleged car thief in his tracks by landing such a hard punch he crashes into the wall behind him breaking off a chunk of brick pillar, which falls to the ground in two pieces.  

The hoodie-wearing man ends up flat on his back on the ground and clutching his head as the man who threw the punch stands over him shouting: ‘You f****** little b******.’           

He then grabs the man and screams: ‘There is f****** kids around, are you stupid?’

Knock out: The passerby gets ready to land his punch as the suspected thief makes a dash away from the car

Stopped in his tracks: A passerby lands a punch on the man who is running away from the scene

Landing a punch: Some on social media said he had ‘a bit of British justice’ as he tried to run away from the crashed car after going back to get something

‘Tom and Jerry’: One person who watched it dubbed it as a moment from the cartoon

Floored: The suspected thief ended up flat out on the floor after the passerby struck him

Viewers were so shocked by the powerful punch that they have repeatedly watched the footage, which was captioned ‘A bit of British justice.’

One Twitter user, called John, said:  ‘I’ve gone back to the point where he smacks him against the garden pillar about 10 times, outstanding hit that.’

Another added: ‘That knocked his block off.’

George, also on Twitter, couldn’t believe what had happened and added:  ‘What a strike.’

Hitting out: The passerby shouts at the hoddie wearing man and screams: ‘There is f****** kids around, are you stupid?’

Paul King, who is based in Liverpool, said: ‘He punched him through a wall. Some Tom and Jerry s*** that.’

The man is then grabbed by a man in a blue van as the passerby who punched him simply walks away.

Great Manchester Police has no log of the incident.    

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