Shocking moment woman beats a deputy with 'her OWN baton' & gives her a concussion after being asked to wear a face mask

POLICE are hunting a woman who viciously assaulted a police officer at a gas station – after they asked her to put a face covering on.

Shocking video footage shows the moment the sheriff's deputy was battered with her OWN baton at the station in St Louis City, Missouri on Christmas Day.


The assaulted deputy was working as security at the Shell Gas Station on North Tucker Boulevard when the suspect entered the business without wearing a face mask.

But according to Breaking911, the unnamed deputy said the suspect became aggressive when she was told she could not enter the business without a covering.

The female suspect pushed the officer as she left the store – before starting to ounch the victim with her fist.

However, things took a turn for worst when the suspect took the deputy’s baton and then struck her multiple times, causing a concussion.

The suspect then entered a red vehicle, while the dazed guard stood up and walked over the vehicle.

The guard began to hit the suspect with her baton, before she closed the door to her car and fled the scene.

It is unclear if the injured deputy was taken to hospital or suffered further injuries from the attack.

Investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

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