Son compares council to MAFIA after his father is given ‘unfair’ fine

Father, 52, is fined £60 for ‘using a bus lane’ when turning left into supermarket car park… so what would YOU have done?

  • A father was fined for driving in a bus lane but insists it was the only safe option
  • His son argues he had no choice and the road risks ‘potentially killing someone’
  • He is now calling for the council to change the design as many are caught out by the ‘outrageous scam’

An angry man has compared Hull council to ‘the mafia’ after his father was given a bus lane fine after turning into a supermarket.

His 52-year-old father, who does not want to be named, had turned into a Tesco car park, when he was caught on camera straying into the bus lane.

His son is now calling for Hull City Council to change the bus lane after reading how numerous other people have received fines in the same spot, for the same offence. 

He said: ‘It would have been impossible for my dad to turn without entering the bus lane outside Tesco but he still got fined for it. 

‘The Highway Code advises motorists to turn in traffic within good time, but the way the store is laid out means you have to potentially risk killing someone to avoid a fine.

‘This is by turning before the bus lane as they might be in your blind spot and you wouldn’t see them. Far too many people have been fined for going in this particular bus lane when they had no other choice.

‘It’s an outrageous scam that’s just an easy way for the council to make money – it’s like the work of the mafia.’

He said it has left his dad, who has driven over 30 years without a mark on his licence, feeling disgusted and angry.

Despite this, he has decided not to appeal as he feels it would be too stressful, but his son wants action to be taken.

He said: ‘It was difficult to actually pay the fine on the council website and we worried about the potential of an increased fine if we appealed.

‘The council and Tesco need to work together to move the bus lane further up the road and away from the store.’ 

Should the road be redesigned? One son argues it’s impossible to avoid a fine without risking lives

Drivers are billed £60 for entering a bus lane but will pay half this if the fine is paid within a certain time period.

A Hull City Council spokesperson, said: ‘When a fine is appealed it is frozen at the level it is appealed at in order to give the motorist a fair opportunity to have their appeal investigated.

‘If it is found to be contravening bus lane regulations and appealed at the discounted rate, then the £30 fine will be upheld.

‘At this particular junction, the bus lane meets all the required safety regulations stipulated within the highways legislation.

The driver’s son is now calling for Hull City Council to change the bus lane after reading how numerous other people have received fines in the same spot (pictured) for the same offence

‘Clear signage is in place advising motorists of bus lane enforcement, and we advise the motorist to contact the council directly to appeal his fine by calling 01482 300 300.’

Tesco previously said they were in discussions with Hull City Council about the bus lane but its stance has not changed.

A spokesman for the supermarket chain said: ‘We have been in touch with the local authority on behalf of our customers to raise their concerns about the fines issued and to see if there is anything further they can do to help explain and resolve the situation.’ 

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