Son Of Denver’s Mayor Spouts Profanities After Being Pulled Over, Caught On Tape

‘My dad’s the mayor,’ Jordan Hancock told a cop during a traffic stop in the bodycam video that leaked to local media.

Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver, Colorado, Mayor Michael Hancock, allegedly may have played something of a variation of the “do you know who I am” card during a recent traffic stop in the suburban city of Aurora.

Cops pulled over the younger Hancock, 22, for allegedly driving 65 in a 40 mph zone in late March. During that interaction, Hancock reportedly boasted to the officer that his father was the mayor and dropped several F-bombs in the process, plus the B-word a few times, and also directed a different F-word that constitutes a gay slur at the officer.

Hancock also told the cop that he would soon be out of job.

A 20-second video of the encounter was anonymously leaked yesterday to ABC 7, the Denver Channel, and has since gone viral. The news outlet theorizes that it is a cell phone video of the officer’s body camera footage.

The Aurora Police Department has launched an internal investigation into how the footage leaked to the media in an unauthorized manner. The police chief noted, however, that the officer conducted himself properly and is not subject to any investigation in connection with the traffic stop itself.

ABC 7 added the following background on how the video surfaced.

Denver7 has learned that after requesting a copy of Jordan Hancock’s ticket and the body camera video, the Aurora Police Department alerted the office of Denver’s mayor. APD said it notified Mayor Hancock’s office as a ‘courtesy’…In the ticket, the officer wrote, ‘Attitude very poor-see video.’”

Jordan Hancock appeared in court on Monday and paid a $250 fine, explaining to the judge that he was speeding because he was running late.

In a statement released on Twitter, Mayor Hancock, a Democrat, described his son’s behavior as “inexcusable” and that he has already apologized to the Aurora PD officer.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Police Chief Nicholas Metz explained that given the pending internal affairs investigation, it would be inappropriate to release the entire bodycam footage of the traffic stop into the public domain at this time.

Metz also denied that he was subject to influence by the Denver mayor in deciding to withhold the full video.

Back in September 2014, Jordan Hancock was a passenger in an SUV “in nearby Fort Collins when a 19-year-old was shot and seriously injured following a reported shouting match between alleged rival gang members,” the Washington Post recalled. “But police said Hancock and the other teens in the car misled officers about the shooting, saying ‘the gunshot came from someone in the area’ and not from inside the vehicle.”

A spokesman for Mayor Hancock said the official’s son, then 19, “was at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Authorities did not file any charges against him as a result of the Fort Collins incident.

Watch ABC 7 footage below of the purported Jordan Hancock traffic stop in Aurora, which includes a local reporter’s attempt to obtain a response from him at the courthouse.

As the Inquisitr has previously chronicled, a former Hillary Clinton adviser stepped down from her position as a commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the chair of its ethics committee in late April after the agency’s inspector general launched an investigation into her behavior during a routine traffic stop. Dashcam video of the interaction with two Tenafly, New Jersey, cops over Easter weekend has since gone viral.

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