Son is jailed for 13 years after stabbing his father, to death

Son, 55, is jailed for 13 years after stabbing his father, 76, to death in frenzied attack over their broadband speed

  • Stephen Gallagher stabbed his father Thomas and repeatedly and shouted ‘die’ 
  • Gallagher dialled 999 and admitted to murder before he was sentenced to life  
  • Moments after the attack a postwoman mad a delivery and noticed nothing 

A son was jailed for life after he stabbed his father to death in an argument over the broadband speed. 

Stephen Gallagher, 55, grabbed the phone away from his father Thomas, smashed the phone on the floor and stabbed his father multiple times in their home in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Thomas Gallagher had walked away from his son during the wifi row which sparked the ‘intense attack’, according to Prosecutor Mark Wyeth QC. 

Gallagher said: ‘He irritates me when he ignores me during an argument. He walked away and slammed the door so I rushed upstairs and grabbed the knife.

‘I entered the room grabbed the phone off of him, smashed it on the floor and stabbed him.’

Thomas Gallagher (pictured) admitted to murdering his father by stabbing him multiple times and shouting ‘die’ at him

Thomas Gallagher’s (pictured) family released a heart-felt tribute in which they described him as ‘the glue, the carer, the problem solver’ of the family

Gallagher admitted to police that he repeatedly stabbed his father, 76, after dialling 999 himself. 

He also admitted that while he was stabbing his father he shouted ‘die’ at him  

He told police: ‘I could see he was in pain and he said ‘Steve’ – I wanted to finish him off stabbed him again and told him to die.’

Mr Wyeth said: ‘Such was the intensity of this attack Mr Gallagher was not able to defend himself and there was no evidence of defensive injuries.’ 

Following the death of Mr Gallagher his family released a heart-felt tribute in which they described him as ‘the glue, the carer, the problem solver’ of the family.

They said: ‘[He was] An incredibly hard working, talented, positive, selfless, creative, fit and fun man whose kindnesses were endless.

‘A thoughtful and considerate man, he got great pleasure in helping people and making them happy – he always saw the good in everyone.

‘His youthfulness belied his 76 years. He loved us and we were mad about him.

‘To know Thomas was around, was to know everything was going to be ok. 

‘We were blessed to have him and we are devastated at his death and the manner in which he left us.’


The court heard moments after the attack at 10am on September 10 last year a postwoman called at the door with a delivery. 

Mr Wyeth said: ‘A postal worker attended at the premises, her name was Michelle Slater. She noticed nothing out of the ordinary about the defendant’s demeanour. She described him as calm and said she could smell aftershave.

‘She did not know Mr Gallagher senior’s body was a short distance away from her at that point.

‘That was within half an hour of the killing.’ 

Paul Lewis QC, defending, said: ‘It is beyond comprehension that what started as an argument over such a trivial matter as the internet provider at their home could result in this tragic murder.

‘There was an argument between father and son. What began as a trivial argument led to the defendant go to his bedroom and retrieving the knife.’ 

Judge Paul Thomas QC said: ‘You killed him because he was asking you to leave his house following a row about broadband speed and connection.

‘Instead of walking away you went to your bedroom and took a lock knife. You brought that downstairs to where he was with one intention which you used to stab him to death.

‘You attacked him repeatedly with that knife and you did so with such savagery and without any semblance of mercy towards him.’

Gallagher was jailed for life with a minimum of 13 years and four months.   

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