Son pens hilarious obituary to his 'penny-pinching' mum saying ‘she excelled at giving the finger and taking no sh**’

A SON has penned a hilarious obituary to his "penny-pinching" mum saying she "excelled at giving the finger and taking no sh**."

Michael DeAdder, an award-winning Canadian cartoonist, wrote the stunning account of his mum Margaret Marilyn DeAdder after she died in January at the age of 78.

He said that his mother was a "professional clipper of coupons, baker of cookies, terror behind the wheel, champion of the underdog, ruthless card player, and self-described Queen B**ch."

Referring to her as Marilyn, he joked: "She excelled at giving the finger, taking no sh*t and laughing at jokes, preferably in the shade of blue. 

"She did not excel at suffering fools, hiding her disdain, and putting her car in reverse.

"Marilyn liked to volunteer and give back to the community. She was a lifelong volunteer at the Capital Theatre in downtown Moncton, which her sons suspected was her way of seeing all the shows for free.

"Marilyn is survived by her three ungrateful sons, Michael (Gail), Paul and David (Trudy), whose names she never got completely right, and whose jokes she didn't completely understand. 

"She loved them very much, even though at least one of them would ruin Christmas every year by coming home with facial hair, and never forgot that one disastrous Christmas in which all three sons showed up with beards.

"Everything she did, she did for her sons."

According to DeAdder, his mother loved painting, quilting, baking, gardening, hiking and "arson."

As well as her sons, Marilyn also had three granddaughters – Meaghan, 19, Bridget, 16, and Madelyn, 5.

The obituary continued: "While her sons committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, her granddaughters could do no wrong.

"While her sons grew up on root vegetables and powdered milk (funnelled directly into the bag to hide the fact that it was powdered, fooling nobody), her granddaughters were fed mountains of sugary snacks as far as the eye could see, including her world-famous cookies and cinnamon rolls.

"Her love for them was unmatched.

"Marilyn is survived by her sisters, Melda and Linda, and her brother, Lloyd, who still owes her $600* (*inside family joke – sorry, Lloyd).

"Marilyn, ever the penny-pincher, decided to leave this world on the day Moncton went into red-alert, her sons believe, to avoid paying for a funeral.

"She didn't want everybody moping around, she wanted a party.

"Marilyn will get her Celebration of Life when COVID-19 is over. We love you, mom, a bushel and a peck. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."

Her son revealed that Marilyn died after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

In a tweet announcing her death at the time, DeAdder wrote: "Women often say they are a strong women [sic] because a strong woman raised them.

"I and my brothers are strong men because a strong woman raised us.

"She died early this morning. I love you, mom."

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