Star Wars superfan flaunts 5,000-strong memorabilia haul collected over 42 years

The force is with this Star Wars fan who has spent 42 years creating a 5,000-strong memorabilia haul.

Neil Livesey, 60, has spent tens of thousands on his collection and protects it with an alarm and CCTV.

It includes a 6ft Jar Jar Binks and an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure from 1977 – the year Star Wars was born.

Neil said: “I live, breathe, eat and sleep Star Wars – I absolutely love it.”

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The grandad of six, from Rishton, Lancs, said wife Suzanne, 56, tolerates his hobby, adding: “She sees me spending money on it as no different to her getting her hair done.”

He gave the latest film, The Rise Of Skywalker, eight of 10.

Meanwhile, Disney is threatening legal action against makers of black market Baby Yoda toys from spin-off series The Mandalorian, which started streaming in the US last month.

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