Suspected pedophile 'bought soiled underwear online so he could eat it'

A sheriff has told of his horror after discovering a suspected pedophile was allegedly buying soiled used underwear to eat. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd struggled keep the incredulity out of his voice as he shared stomach-churning details of married father of two Jose Azara’s alleged ‘deviancy.’

Sheriff Judd told a press conference in Lakeland, Florida, on Tuesday: ‘(Azara) was purchasing soiled underwear. Did you hear me? Did you hear what I said? There’s a market out there.

‘You can go online, and if you’re a deviant and you’re into soiled underwear, and you know what all kinds of things get in soiled underwear, right? Sometimes you think you’re passing gas and you’re not. You can’t trust a fart when you’re over 60. But this guy will buy it.

‘He was buying these things and ingesting them. Did you hear me? He was munching on ’em. This guy’s got a problem. I don’t know if he realizes this or not, but the rest of the world does.’ Azara, 58, was exposed as an alleged underwear eater after being arrested on child pornography charges.

He has since been fired from his IT specialist job at aviation company Lockheed Martin. Azara was busted as part of a huge operation which snared 15 other alleged pedophiles in Florida, including two former Disney workers, a nurse and a pharmacist.

WFLA reported how Sheriff Judd explained that he had not shared the graphic details of Azara’s alleged habit to make people laugh, but to show the dark secrets that people with the most respectable outward facades can argue.

He explained: ‘People who look at and lust after child pornography are dangerous people and they may be living next door to you.’

The sting has seen those arrested facing 1,400 felony charges between them, with updates on their initial court appearances yet to be shared.

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