Suspected subway shover in ‘MAGA’ hat blames victim

The brute who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat when he allegedly shoved a 24-year-old Hispanic man onto Manhattan subway tracks says the victim is to blame.

Willie Ames, a 47-year-old convicted murderer, “does maintain he is not the instigator of this incident,” said the suspect’s lawyer, public defender Eliza Orlins, at her client’s arraignment Friday.

Ames was arraigned on charges including attempted assault in the first-, second- and third-degree as a hate crime in the subway push. Ames has been on parole since 2013 for a robbery charge and has a prior murder conviction in Virginia, the DA’s office said.

According to the criminal complaint, two friends of Mexican descent were riding an uptown No. 4 train Monday night when Ames sat next to them and yelled, “You guys come here to take our jobs, and you bring drugs! F—ing Mexicans, you people are dirty, you people are nasty!”

When the train pulled into Manhattan’s Union Square station, Ames allegedly grabbed one of the men by his clothing, pulled him off of the train and punched him three times in his face. Ames then pushed the man onto the train track, according to the victim, who needed staples in his scalp.

“The victim could have easily been killed, ” Assistant District Attorney Christopher Rivet said. “They were a target because of their Mexican origin.”

Rivet requested that no bail be set, stating that Ames “took steps to abscond from police, including disabling his phone” and that these are “extremely serious and vicious charges.”

Orlins asked for a more reasonable bail, saying that Ames’ parole is set to expire in June and that “he’s had no problems on parole” and has had a “lack of criminal history since 2011.

“He’s done very well for the last five years,” Orlins said.

Ames will next appear in court May 2.

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