Swimsuit model shares her body being completely transformed in a blink

Aussie influencer shares ‘crazy’ video of her body being completely transformed in the blink of an eye to warn of the dangers of editing apps

  • Sydney based influencer Ariella Nyssa shared a shocking video earlier this week 
  • The video showed how a video editing app drastically changed her appearance
  • She shared the video to warn others that not everyone looks how they do online
  • However commenters ignored body positivity message and asked for app name 

An Australian influencer has shared the ‘crazy’ editing that transformed a video of her body as she warns viewers not to trust everything they see online.

Ariella Nyssa, 25, is a Sydney based body-positivity influencer with over 1.7 million followers across her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Earlier this week Ms Nyssa shared a video that revealed just how easy it is for social media influencers to lie about how they really look.

She posted a TikTok clip that showed how one click of a button could shed kilos from her frame and totally transform her body.

But in an instant, she proudly flashed back to how she really is without digital help.

Scroll down for the video. 

Earlier this week Sydney based body-positivity influencer Ariella Nyssa, 25, shared a video that showed how editing can drastically change your appearance in videos

‘These apps are crazy and scary,’ she captioned the video.

‘You are beautiful just the way you are queen.’

However Ms Nyssa was ‘disappointed’ with the comments the video received as several of them completely ignored her message and instead asked what app she was using.

‘I don’t love myself so sis what’s the name of the app,’ one commenter wrote.

Ms Nyssa said she shared the video to spread awareness that not everything you see online is true and to promote body positivity and acceptance

‘What’s the app? Don’t gatekeep,’ another asked. 

‘Why are ya’ll asking for the app? She’s making a point to love yourself for who you are!,’ one person pointed out.

Ms Nyssa told news.com that the comments were a sad insight into how people view their bodies in the digital age.

‘It’s kind of sad to read it (that reaction),’ she said. 

Ms Nyssa said she was ‘disappointed’ when she saw that commenters on her video were ignoring her positive message and instead asking for the name of the app she used

She said the comments gave insight into how people in the digital age ‘don’t love themselves’

‘I tried to reply to a few and be like, ‘you don’t need it’ but unfortunately people just don’t love themselves enough, and that is why I do post what I post.

‘I want people to know that you can look and feel beautiful without having to edit and smooth or contort your body in certain ways.’ 

Ms Nyssa said that when she created the video she’d only just learnt about video editing apps and were shocked at how drastically they changed her appearance. 

Ms Nyssa consistently posts content that promotes self love and educates her audience on how people manipulate their images on social media to the detriment of their followers

She often posts similar content with the aim of spreading body positivity. 

Previously she has shared photos of her posing versus when she’s natural and said she believes when people edit their content they are having a detrimental impact on young audiences.

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