Texas girl who sewed 100 masks for health care workers dies in ATV crash

A 10-year-old Texas girl who sewed about 100 masks for health care workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis died in a tragic accident, according to a local report.

Lexi Brooke Collins, of Knox County, was killed in an ATV crash last Friday, local outlet KTXS reported.

Anson General Hospital, which received many of Lexi’s creations, posted a photo of some of the colorful, patterned masks to Facebook that evening — along with a note from the Munday Elementary School fifth grader that said, “Thank you for all you do!”

Lexi’s mom, grandmother, aunt, and uncle are all nurses, Munday City Councilwoman Karen Logan told the station.

“Lexi was a remarkable child,” Logan said. “She was bright, talented, wise beyond her years, but overall had the most precious spirit I’ve ever know. She was always smiling.”

Lexi mastered quilting at a young age, her obituary said, adding that she “lit up the world she lived in” and was “the breathing, walking definition of light.”

“Thank you all for loving my baby girl because she sure loved all of you!” Lexi’s mom, Jara Gray Collins, posted Monday, the day of Lexi’s funeral. “She was the best person I knew, and I will miss her every second of every day for the rest of my life! Thank you Lord for choosing me to be her Mom, I truly don’t know what I did to deserve the honor!”

Lexi was buried in Munday early this week, and in her memory, residents tied ribbons in her favorite color — turquoise — around trees, the station reported.

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