Tragic student, 19, dies after ‘jumping down 11-storey rubbish chute’

A young student has died after she plunged down an 11-storey rubbish chute.

Justine Gross, 19, was discovered when the bins to her apartment in New Jersey was being emptied at a landfill in nearby Pennsylvania.

Her mum Francoise Gross said that her daughter’s roommates has told her that she had met a “young man” two days earlier who gave her a “smoke” before the horrendous fall.

The man is believed to have been living on the seventh floor of the same apartment block.

She told “He said, kind of casually: ‘She came down and I gave her a smoke'

“He said she had a really bad reaction, a panic or whatever, and he was trying to take her back to her apartment on the 10th floor.”

According to the New York Post, the girl ended up running to the top floor of the building and jumped into the chute having taken the unknown drug.

She was reported missing at 5:15pm on November 11, and found hours later at the recycling and refuse station at 2:45am the next day.

Police have said the death was accidental.

Her mum is not convinced as her daughter had sent a Snapchat message to her friend, stating that “something just happened” moments before she is thought to have died.

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CCTV footage shows her leaving her 10th-floor apartment and walking to meet the man on the seventh floor, where she later leaves while walking unsteadily.

The heartbroken mum has vowed to find out what happened.

She said: “That’s just not Justine. She would never do something like that, go down a chute.

“They want me to believe she walked into that chute. I believe someone was chasing her, and she went into the chute, thinking it was a staircase.

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“I will bury her – but I want to know what happened to her.”

She also said that the man from the seventh floor has been questioned twice, but will not speak on advice of his lawyer.

A vigil was held for Justine on Thursday night outside the apartment building, and her funeral was held yesterday in New Jersey.

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