UK weather – Met Office issues 'danger to life' warning for rain as Britain set to be battered by floods

BRITAIN is set to be battered by rain which could lead to life-threatening flooding this weekend.

The Met Office have issued yellow weather warnings after 80mm is forecast to fall in some places.

The warnings are in place for the south west of England and Wales as a band of heavy rain moves in.

There are fears power cuts and travel chaos could be sparked by the mass rainfall on Friday and Saturday.

Cornwall, Devon and South Wales are expected to be hit by floods which could affect transport.

It's expected from midnight on Friday until 3pm on Saturday.

Houses and businesses could suffer flood damage according to the Environment Agency.

The Met Office stated: “Many areas are expected to see 20-30 mm, with Dartmoor and higher ground of south Wales likely to see some 60-80 mm.”

Alex Deakin, a forecaster at the Met Office said the low pressure causing blizzards in the US is likely to reach the UK as "further rain" with "strong signals it will get colder next week."

He said: "The main feature this weekend will be this area of low pressure, (and) showers will spiral around that."

Around 20 to 30mm of rain is expected in western regions, with up to 60mm in hilly areas.

They have also warned that “fast flowing or deep floodwater is possible” adding that this could cause “a danger to life.”  

The Environment Agency has said people should prepare for flooding and have advised people to "prepare a bag that contains medicines and insurance documents".

They also suggest turning off all gas, water and electricity and moving household items upstairs or to somewhere safe. 

The Met Office has suggested that people keep themselves and families safe and advise anyone in trouble to call 999.

The public have also been advised to stay away from “swollen rivers” and not to attempt to walk or drive through water. 

Temperatures are set to plunge before Christmas with the possibility of snow for the Christmas period.

Families are already preparing for a different festive period with Covid restrictions and it is predicted temperatures are set to plunge.

Speaking on Radio5 Live yesterday, weather forecaster Simon King said: "We are going to see mild weather over the next week or so and then just in time for Christmas temperatures are going to drop down, so it will turn colder over the Christmas period.

"Temperatures will come below the average. It means for the whole White Christmas thing there will be wintery showers, and while it’s still very uncertain, it will certainly be cold enough over the Christmas period for there to be wintery precipitation.

"There may be snow for some, but for now though it’s really mild, especially for this time of year."


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