Waterloo man falls asleep at the wheel, causing 6-vehicle pileup in Perth East: police

A 74-year-old man from Waterloo has been charged with careless driving after he allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel, causing his car to crash into five other vehicles, Perth County OPP say.

Police say the collision occurred last Friday on Perth Line 86, west of Road 135, in the township of Perth East at around 3:45 p.m.

According to police, a man was headed westbound on Perth Line 86 when he fell asleep while driving. His vehicle then collided with four oncoming vehicles and a bus full of factory workers, which was also travelling west.

They add that some of those involved in the six-vehicle pileup reported minor injuries.

Jozef Kierylo of Waterloo has been charged with careless driving.

OPP say 20 per cent of fatal collisions in Canada are linked to driver fatigue. Police warn that fatigue can cause slow reaction time, decreased awareness and impaired judgement in a manner similar to alcohol and drugs.

Police suggest drivers get a night of good sleep, share driving with other passengers and take frequent breaks when driving. Other tips to stave off drowsiness include keeping vehicles cool and avoiding overeating.

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