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SAMANTHA Bisset and her four-year-old daughter were murdered by the same man who pleaded guilty to killing Rachel Nickell in 1992.

Their gruesome deaths at the hand of Robert Napper eventually led to Napper confessing to killing Nickell.

What happened to Samantha Bisset and Jazmine?

In November 1993, just over a year after Nickell's death, Napper killed Samantha Bisset and her daughter Jazmine, four, in Plumstead, south-east London.

stabbed 27-year-old Samantha Bisset in her neck and chest and then sexually assaulted her inside her home.

He then assaulted and smothered her four-year-old daughter Jazmine and left her body on her bed surrounded by her toys.

The twisted killer then mutilated the young mum's body and took parts away as a trophy.

Napper was arrested after a fingerprint was recovered from her flat and he was convicted at the Old Bailey in 1995.

He also admitted two rapes and two attempted rapes and sent to Broadmoor Hospital.

Why did Robert Napper murder them?

Napper is believed to be the "Green Chain Rapist" named after the Green Chain Walk – a string of leafy pathways linking large parts of South East London.

The attacks took place in a four year period ending in 1994 – around the same time as Napper was arrested.

They all bore similar hallmarks to Napper's crimes and it's believed there could be at least 106 offences involving 86 victims.

The earliest of the "Green Chain" rapes are those he admitted to in 1995.

He was known to keep detailed records of sites of potential and actual attacks on women.

A timeline of Robert Napper's crimes

From Rachel's death in 1992, her murderer's confession in 2009 and finally a report into police failings in 2010… this is how the horror unfolded:

  • JULY 15, 1992: Rachel ­Nickell was walking through Wimbledon Common with boyfriend André Hanscombe and their two-year-old son when she was attacked.
  • AUGUST: The Met Police question 32 men in connection with the murder but focus their investigation on Colin Stagg who was known to walk his dog in the park.
  • SEPTEMBER: Stagg, a loner from Roehampton, is arrested for Rachel's murder based on an e-fit and character profile.
  • OCTOBER: Robert Napper, who was probed over two other attacks in the area, is ruled out of the investigation. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm and jailed for eight weeks.
  • 1992 & 1993: An undercover police officer pretending to me a woman interested in Stagg entraps him into divulging his sexual fantasies in a bid to charge him over Rachel's murder.
  • AUGUST 1993: Colin Stagg is charged with Rachel's murder.
  • NOVEMBER: Samantha Bisset and her daughter Jazmine, four, are killed at their home in Plumstead, south-east London (Napper was eventually convicted of the crime).
  • MAY 1994: Napper’s fingerprints are identified from Bisset house, he is charged and his DNA sample is taken by police.
  • JULY: Napper is charged with two rapes and two attempted rapes.
  • SEPTEMBER: The case against Stagg is thrown out after Justice Ognall who refused to use the undercover officer's evidence before a jury.
  • OCTOBER 1995: ­Napper admits two charges of manslaughter, one rape and two attempted rapes. One rape charge is dropped but he is detained at Broadmoor Hospital.
  • DECEMBER: While in Broadmoor, Napper is interviewed over Rachel’s death.
  • JANUARY 2002: Met Police asks LGC Forensics to re-examine Rachel’s murder.
  • JULY 2004: DNA from Rachel's body is matched to Napper.
  • JUNE 2006: Napper is interviewed again at Broadmoor over Rachel’s murder. He denies involvement.
  • OCTOBER 2007: Independent review rules out contamination of DNA ­samples and Napper is charged with Rachel’s murder weeks later.
  • DECEMBER 2008: Schizophrenic Napper pleads guilty to manslaughter of Rachel on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
  • JUNE 2010: IPCC reports "bad errors" by Met police and “missed opportunities” to find Napper before he killed Rachel.



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