What to Cook Right Now

Good morning. Here’s what you ought to do right now. Go watch Alison Roman cook chicken in her apartment kitchen, in this video Scott Loitsch and Vaughn Vreeland made for our YouTube channel. Then make the recipe (above) yourself for dinner tonight. Like and subscribe, you guys. That’s what the strategy bros call a virtuous circle.

Me, I’ve been getting these odd-cut boneless pork-rib slabs for around $2 a pound of late, and I think they’re awesome for pork gyros, which this time of year you might finish on the grill outside if you can. The kiss of smoke really takes the dish over the top. Serve with tater tots!

Maybe you don’t eat flesh, or don’t eat flesh on Mondays. Omit the pork from this mapo ragù and replace it with tempeh, or make David Tanis’s vegetarian red borscht.

More ideas, taking you in other directions. You could make these awesome fish tacos. Or miso-broiled scallops. Or a quick lamb ragù.

But please do make something. Cooking on a weeknight because it’s delicious and because we want to and because it makes people happy is why we are here.

There are many thousands more recipes to think about cooking right now on NYT Cooking. Yes, you need a subscription to access them. Subscriptions are our business model, and they make you my boss. I’ll work hard in exchange for the wages. (You can buy gift subscriptions as well.) Come visit us in other corners of the internet when you’re out there; we’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As am I: @samsifton.

And if you find yourself in trouble with a recipe, or with our technology, or just have something to say? Write us: [email protected] Someone will get back to you. (If the something you have to say is cutting or mean or angry or sarcastic or in any way aggrieved, it’d be better if you write me: [email protected] I like hearing nice things, too, of course.)

Now, not that it has anything to do with food, but for those of you keeping track, it is the birthday of Fairfield Porter today. He would have been 112 and if I were in Kansas City today, I’d head over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to visit “The Mirror.” (N.b., that painting is huge, like 6 feet by 5.) Then I’d go over to Oklahoma Joe’s and get a Z-Man sandwich for lunch.

Kind of excited to read “Are We There Yet?” by Dan Albert. Albert’s the car critic for n+1, and his book explores America’s relationship with its cars, and reflects on the future of both. On which subject, I’m still with Mr. Goodwrench. It’s not just a car, it’s your freedom.

Finally, here’s the Montreal singer-songwriter Ada Lea’s single, “The Party,” from her forthcoming “What We Say in Private.” Watch that and I’ll be back on Wednesday.

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