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THE White House Farm Murders in 1985 shocked Britain – five members of the same wealthy family were gunned down in cold blood in their Essex farmhouse.

But who was responsible, and what was the evidence against them? Here's our lowdown…

What were the White House Farm murders?

The White House Farm murders were the grisly killings of five people – June and Nevill Bamber, their adopted daughter Shelia, and their grandchildren Daniel and Nicholas.

They were shot to death in cold blood in 1985 by June and Nevill's adopted son Jeremy.

The family had been shot 25 times in total.

All five died at their huge farm in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex.

Cops initially believed Shelia had killed the four others before turning the rifle on herself – but Bamber's girlfriend later told them that he'd confessed to the killings.

Bamber, 57, was caged for life without the possibility of parole October 1986.

His then-boyish good looks earned him 50 love letters a year in jail.

What was the evidence against Jeremy Bamber?

Bamber was arrested after his girlfriend turned him in – he had confessed the quintuple killing to her.

Cops had initially suspected Shelia – who suffered from schizophrenia – of the murders.

But they soon realised the rifle used in the murders was too long for Shelia to use on herself, and that it was unlikely that she would have managed to shoot herself twice in the head.

There was also no blood on the telephone – despite Bamber's claim that his mortally-wounded father had called him for help.

Cops also asked why Nevill would call his son rather than the police.
The clincher was blood on the silencer of a gun used to pump 25 bullets into the victims.

Using new DNA techniques in 2002, it was established blood matched that of Bamber's sister Sheila.

The silencer was found in a DOWNSTAIRS cupboard. Sheila's body was UPSTAIRS – so she could not have been the killer.

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