Who are James and Dylan Piper? Britain’s Got Talent finalists – The Sun

BRITAIN'S Got Talent final is tonight and father and son duo James and Dylan Piper will be hoping to win the cash prize.

They come from South Wales and are aged 13 and 38 years old. Here's what we know.

Who are James and Dylan Piper?

James and Dylan Piper are a father and son magic act duo.

James previously went through to the semi-finals of the Welsh Factor in 2011, impressing judges with his sleight-of-hand skills.

Their magical skills are set to involve a card trick and some breathtaking mind-reading.

In their Manchester audition, the duo included judge Simon Cowell's relationship with son Eric in their act.

But in the semi-finals, son Dylan – who could not be on the stage – guessed the six pictures Ashley Banjo chose.

After guessing them correctly – including one that was of Banjo and his newborn son – letters in the photos spelt the new judge's child's name.

And in a shocking finale, the magic duo swapped places as Dylan ended up on stage.


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