Who was Lizbeth Flores and what happened to her?

A SUSPECT has been arrested for the "robber-gone-wrong-murder" of an American mom.

Lizbeth Flores was found dead on August 11 after she had traveled from Brownsville, Texas, to Matamoros Mexico on August 9 to visit her boyfriend.

Who was Lizbeth Flores?

Lizbeth Flores, 23, was found dead in Mexico with all of teeth removed a day after she was reported missing.

The mom-of-two was found dead on August 11 after she had traveled from Brownsville, Texas, to Matamoros, Mexico, on August 9 to visit her boyfriend.

Lizbeth – graduate of Los Fresnos High School – had told her mom she would return home to Texas later that night.

Her worried mom, María Rubio, filed a missing person's report to Brownsville police the following day after losing contact with her daughter.

Police found Lizbeth's body on August 11 and said it showed signs that she had been tortured.

What happened to her?

Part of Lizbeth's skull had been removed and her teeth were taken out by force, police said.

Her body was badly bruised and she was beaten with a rock that was found at the scene, KRGV reports.

A Mexican government official told the outlet that her body was found on a grass field next to a construction site.

Lizbeth was in Mexico visiting her boyfriend, according to local media reports.

Her body was found in a field near a construction site, according to DailyMail.com.

Leaked photos of the crime scene show the victim’s body laying face-up, wearing a bra, pants, and shoes. 

Why was Braulio Martinez arrested?

Braulio Martinez was arrested as his home on Tuesday for the murder of Lizbeth Flores, a law enforcement official said.

The official told the Daily Mail that the motive for the crime was robbery.

Did she have kids?

Lizbeth has two children.

What have Brownsville police said?

The Brownsville Police Department has not yet released a statement regarding Lizbeth's case.

According to Juan Carlos Cué Vega, who works in the Brownsville Mexican Consul, the Mexican government offered to help return the Lizbeth's body to the United States.

However, a local Texan funeral home stepped in to provide assistance instead. 

The FBI is involved in the investigation because Lizbeth is a US citizen.

What has her mom said?

Lizbeth's mom told Telemundo: "Losing a child is like having your heart ripped out.

"I feel very sad for what they did to my daughter. How they left her is what pains me.

"The pain that my daughter went through there at the time is what pains me."

Her daughter's death comes as Matamoros has seen a spike in crime thanks to local cartel groups, such as the so-called Gang from Hell and the Northeast Cartel.

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