Who will win the vice presidential debate tonight?

THE US Vice Presidential Debate will take place at 9pm MDT tonight (October 7, 2020) in Salt Lake City.

But with Mike Pence and Kamala Harris debating a range of topics including Covid-19 and healthcare, who will emerge victorious?

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Who is predicted to win the vice presidential debate?

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are both facing an electorate that is more or less divided.

Around one-fifth of voters say they don’t have much of an opinion of each vice presidential candidate.

However, among those who do, strong opinions outnumber mildly favorable or unfavorable views.

What are the odds on Kamala Harris and MikePence?

Betting has been placed into a number of categories for the Vice Presidential Debate.

Vice Presidential Debate Prop Betting Odds come via SportsBetting.AG.

Which candidate will "lie" first?

(According to New York Times fact-checker, the first candidate with statements labeled as "False" will be graded the overall winner.)

Kamala Harris +170
Mike Pence -250

Which candidate will say "mask(s)" more times?

Kamala Harris -250
Mike Pence +170

Which candidate will say "coronavirus" more times?

Kamala Harris -120
Mike Pence -120

Will either candidate stand up during debate?

Yes +700
No -2000

Will either candidate be seen in mask at table?

Yes +600
No -1500

Will Kamala Harris say "pray/prayer/prayed/praying" in regards to Trump recovery?

Yes +135
No -175

Total times Kamala Harris says "lie/lied/liar"

Over 1.5
Under 1.5

Will Harris or Pence test positive for coronavirus by 10/13/20?

Yes +700
No -2000

What are the key differences between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence?

California senator and lawyer Harris, 55, is known as a tough debater in Congress.

She will face Republican vice-president Pence who is known for his unflappable demeanour in the face of questioning.

Mr Pence is a 61-year-old deeply religious Christian from Indiana.

Pence is in charge of the presidential task force on the pandemic, and he will be expected to defend the administration's response to the virus.

Harris will most likely be asked about her record on criminal justice as attorney general of California, as well as her shifting positions on healthcare reform.

Harris will also be expected to question Pence around the administration's response to Covid-19.



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