Why is Gutfeld not on Fox News?

GREG Gutfeld was missing from his late night show on Thursday as many viewers were left puzzled.

Here we explain why the show did not air and where Greg is now?

Why is Greg Gutfeld not on Fox News?

Greg Gutfeld did not appear on his regular slot on Fox News on Thursday due to the channels ongoing coverage of the situation in Afghanistan.

His popular show Gutfeld, which is normally shown on weeknights at 11pm, was not aired.

Tweeting on the shows official Twitter page, Greg said: “Gutfeld! will not air tonight due to breaking news coverage.

“In the meantime, turn to fox news for the latest from Afghanistan.”

His statement came as a deadly terrorist attack was reported at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport.

At the time of writing, it has been reported that roughly 100 people have lost their lives.

A number of well wishes were quick to praise Greg’s decision to take the show off air in order to accommodate the breaking news coverage.

One user said: Thanks for being so respectful to our troops and country. Looking forward to tomorrow night. The greatest late night show ever.

Another said: Your a great man Greg and much respect for not airing your show tonight, which is best show on tv..…. I DVR your show and watch everyday when I get home from work.

While a third added: You truly are #1. There will be time for humor later. The Gutfeld team is awesome.

Where is Greg Gutfeld?

Greg Gutfeld is believed to be making preparations ahead of the satirical show's expected return this evening (August 27).

During the same month it overtook The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the nightly ratings to becoming the highest-rated late night talk show in the United States.

According to Yahoo, it averages 2.12 million nightly viewers which is more than other popular shows such as The Late Show, The tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

The show debuted in 2014 and has only risen the stock of Greg who also appears as one of five co-hosts and panellists on the political talk show The Five.

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