Why is 'how to get Gorilla Glue out of hair' trending?

Social media users were left in awe after a woman posted a viral video of her DIY hair-do horror.

The topic began trending as people discussed the woman shockingly using a super-strength household adhesive to hold her hair in place.

Why is 'how to get Gorilla Glue out of hair' trending?

The unlikely trending topic began after a woman posted a TikTok video warning others not to use Gorilla Glue in their hair, after she used it as hairspray weeks ago and her hair remains stuck in place.

User Im_D_Ollady, real name Tessica Brown, posted two videos in which she explained how she used the heavy-duty household adhesive to "finish off" her hairdo.

She had ran out of her usual hair spray and opted to use the super-strong glue. After a number of weeks and fifteen hair washes later, Brown's hair remains stuck in the same position.

The videos of her sticky situation quickly went viral, with social media users expressing their shock at someone using the adhesive as a hair product and shared their solutions for removing it.

What is Gorilla Glue and what can it be used for?

Gorilla Glue is an extremely strong household adhesive, that is renowned for its incredible strength.

It has the ability to fix broken pieces of furniture and hardware together as well as a range of different materials.

It is effective on metal, stone, wood, ceramics, foam, glass, and many other materials. It is traditionally used for DIY projects, quick fixes and building repairs.

There ever-expanding range of products includes, super glues, wood glue, specialist tapes, epoxies, sealants and sprays (seen in the viral video).

The adhesive is invisible, waterproof, and temperature resistant.

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