Woman, 22, who took ecstasy found dead in bath when friend raised alarm

A hotel receptionist aged 22 died in her bath after taking ecstasy.

Charlotte Ford was discovered by a pal who raised the alarm after hearing running water in her bathroom.

Her mum Lyn said: "I am still absolutely distraught.

“There is nothing suspicious. I’m not going to say anything else.”

Charlotte – known as Charlie – died on April 21 but the cause of death did not emerge until her inquest was opened last week.

The hearing was told she died from “MDMA toxicity and submersion in water”.

Charlotte’s funeral service, which was attended by mourners wearing brightly-coloured clothing in a bid to celebrate her life, was held at Salisbury Crematorium on May 25.

Lyn had earlier written on Facebook : “My baby girl…I want you home with me xxxxxx.

“My beautiful precious gem. Overwhelmed with the amount of love from her amazing friends. ThankYou for your support..(Charlies mum) x

A glut of high-strength MDMA has led to rising numbers of deaths in recent years.

The class-A drug can give a feeling of euphoria, but even pure supplies may be dangerously powerful and cause overheating or lead to an overdose and it can also cause a number of other adverse symptoms, including fits and severe irritability.

Last month, official government figures revealed the number of young people taking hard drugs has been rising dramatically in the last decade, driven by an increase in ecstasy and cocaine use.

And it showed that last year more than half a million 16 to 24-year-olds were regular users of the most dangerous substances – a rise of more than a third since 2011.

Separate stats released last week also showed 3,756 fatalities involving legal and illegal substances occurred last year – the most since records began in 1993.

They included 2,521 male drug-related deaths and 1,235 female.

The figure equates to 66.1 deaths per one million people and is 41 per cent higher than 2012’s rate of 46.6.

Most were from drug misuse, which accounted for 67 per cent of the total number of fatalities.

Wiltshire Police have been ruled out any crime being committed.

The inquest was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

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