Woman claims she has drunk nothing but Pepsi since 1954

A great-gran has declared she wouldn’t drink water even if she were dying… she’d stick to her favourite Pepsi like she has done for 64 years.

Jackie Page, 77, has had nothing else to drink but four cans of the fizzy pop a day since her first taste aged 13 in 1954.

And she insists she has always been slim, fit and healthy despite consuming the equivalent of three million sugar cubes.

“I don’t call it an addiction. It’s just something I like and I can’t help it if I don’t like anything else,” says the retired housekeeper and mum of four.


“Some people might think it’s weird and that nowadays you shouldn’t drink Pepsi. But I don’t care and I won’t settle for anything else. I wouldn’t drink water – no way. Not even if I was dying. And I won’t drink tea or coffee.”

Jackie reckons her love of the canned fizz – she won’t drink it from a bottle – hasn’t had any affect on her health over the years.

“I have always been really, really slim until about five years ago – but I think that’s because I am not as active as I was,” she says.

“Right up until I was 60 I was still doing line dancing and I was pretty fit, but I can’t get out to do that now. They say Pepsi is bad for your teeth – but I am a wartime baby and there’s not
many of us without rotten teeth so I wouldn’t know.”

The craving that has led her to down more than 93,000 cans at a cost £65,800 began as a teenager. Up to then her mother had a nightmare getting her to drink anything.

“I didn’t like milk or water. My mum used to say ‘you have to drink something’. I know she used to give me lemonade or cherryade,” says Jackie, now a carer.

“I wouldn’t drink to enjoy it. Until I tasted Pepsi, drinking was just something I put up with.”

She reveals the only interruption to her Pepsi passion came when she was in hospital giving birth to her four children in the Sixties – because it was banned from the maternity ward. “They wouldn’t let me have it in with me so I had to go without,” says Jackie.

“But I’ve been to hospital since for some major operations and I was allowed to have it there.

“Much to their disgust, the staff even allowed me to keep my Pepsi in the kitchen fridge because I wouldn’t drink anything else. My kids used to come up to visit me in hospital with supplies of it so that I stayed hydrated.”

Now even her 11 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren are under strict instructions not to drink her stash when they visit her at her home in Carshalton, Surrey.


Jackie – who once had a dog called Pepsi and admits to hating rival brand Coca-Cola – says: “I have a cold one
as soon as I wake up each day straight from the fridge.

“It’s like when someone says they want to drink a lovely cup of tea first thing in the morning. I drink up a lovely can of Pepsi instead.

“I even have it when we’re eating out as I don’t like alcohol either. If the restaurant doesn’t have it I just pull a can from my bag. Sometimes they get a bit funny about it. But I just know what I like – and that’s Pepsi.”

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