Wrestler Nick Gage ‘died for seven minutes’ after horror accident in the ring

Wrestler Nick Gage has revealed he "died for seven minutes" after a particularly gruesome wrestling match back in 2009.

The 40-year-old fighter was up against a German wrestler nicknamed Thumbtack Jack during the eighth annual bout of Combat Zone Wrestling's (CZW) Tournament of Death event.

And when the two top wrestlers were going toe to toe with each other in the brutal wrestling match, things took a turn for the worse.

When Nick was thrown through the wall of tubing which surrounded the ring, blood started pouring from the champ wrestler during the match and it became clear that something had gone terribly wrong.

In fact, the wrestler had severed his artery and Nick had to be rushed to hospital in a helicopter, and during this time he even died for several minutes.

Nick's frightening run-in with death has now been talked about in a new VICE documentary called Dark Side of the Ring.

His shocking incident is discussed in The Ultra-Violence Of Nick Gage, Episode 3 of the series 3 documentary which is now on its third series.

Speaking in the documentary, Gage said: "I get in the helicopter, that's the last thing I remember."


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"The nurse had said, 'You flat-lined while you were in there and the doctors brought you back because you lost too much blood'."

Fellow wrestler Jon Moxley then explained: "A guy like Nick Gage to just get up and walk off like that? You know it had to be serious.

"He was legally dead for seven minutes. He died at a Tournament of Death.

"It's supposed to be a turn of phrase, you're not actually supposed to die. He did. It just cements and solidifies Nick Gage's spot as a folk hero."

Speaking on The Wrestling's Cool podcast, Gage goes into more detail, saying: "It was the finals and he went to throw me through the (light) tubes and I land through them. One stood up and jabbed into my armpit.

"You have major arteries in your armpit. It’s dangerous there. That’s why guys in prison like to shank in the armpit and that area. I sliced two arteries and was bleeding buckets, bleeding to death. Thank God I didn’t puncture a main artery or we wouldn’t be doing this s*** [interview]."

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